It is a terrible thing to observe hopelessness in one alive. He or she seems like a corpse, a body without life. When Jesus said, "Blessed are they who mourn," blessed to him meant to experience hope and joy again.



The best things in life, I've learned, don't come easy. Rather, like climbing a mountain, the higher you go for a better view, the steeper and more difficult it becomes. So it was writing Portals of Love. Often I was plagued with feelings of self-doubt and despair. I wondered, why me God? Who am I to do this? Eventually, my outlook changed. Then I saw why the poor in spirit need to share what they're been through. Just as Christ was born in a lowly manger, we also need to reflect the humility and self-sacrifice of his life to help others envision the kingdom of Heaven too. While you read Portals of Love, I hope you witness how God can use a broken layman so others can feel our Lord's compassion. Then, through his grace, may you see why it is most often when your eyes are moist with tears of love that God reveals his portals of love.


Dennis R. Miller 2010