Tears of Love

At the Healing Place, a grief support center in west central Wisconsin, Dennis heard that keeping a diary or journal helps. It's a way to keep in touch with your feelings, he was informed, without being overwhelmed by them. As one who has often expressed himself through writing, Dennis followed the suggestion and began a journal. Later, after much self-correspondence, more time, and a lot of tears, the focus of his writing altered. Instead of a journal for himself, it became Tears of Love, an inspiring book for others.



Writing Tears of Love was both the easiest and the most difficult literary task I've accomplished. Easy because all I had to do was to open my heart and the words, like my tears, poured out; difficult because sometimes a paragraph or even a mere sentence caused me to cry.

We're all blessings, especially when we share ourselves with someone else. By opening my own heart and sharing myself, I've created more than a memorial to Kimmy's life; I've written a tribute that acknowledges my daughters love. For surely if the lack of her presence and the grief from this loss has taught me anything, It's that we are what love has made us.


Dennis R. Miller 2005