The Butterfly Home

Behind every piece of fiction there is an unfolding bit of truth, the real story. So it is with The Butterfly Home. Its story came to Dennis by a mother who had lost her daughter a few years ago. "Somebody gave me this religious sympathy card," she told him. "It said, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. It really upset me. I told my friend, how can I thank God? His son rose from the dead; my child didn't." At the time Dennis didn't know what to say. Later in response to what the bereaved mother said, he wrote The Butterfly Home. Along with time and tears, he prays that it comforts his friend by showing her where home really is and by reminding her of the life-changing power of our resurrected Savior.



Appearing like a birdhouse with two slits instead of a hole, the butterfly home containing letters from Garth's grandma was like a mailbox from heaven. Though we have all heard that home is where the heart is, how many of us know the lie of our sentiments, let alone where home is? For a Christian, heaven is our home; the place we return to after a lifetime. An earthly reminder of this and the life-changing power of our resurrected Savior is the story The Butterfly Home.


Dennis R. Miller 2004