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Tears of Love
Paperback $15.00
150 pages
A bereaved father opens his heart to first share his grief and then the only thing that overcame his loss...God's love.
The Butterfly Home
Paperback $12.00
86 pages
ISBN: 978-0966185324
For Christians, Heaven is our home; the place we return to after a lifetime. An earthly reminder of this and the life-changing powers of our resurrected Savior is the story of The Butterfly Home.
Upon A Time, When Dreams Come True
Paperback $8.00
53 pages
ISBN: 978-0966185348
This book encourages all of us to take out the photographs of our loved ones and remember and treasure the memories they evoke.
Portals of Love
Paperback $14.00
120 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9661853-5-5
The best way to witness to others is simply to relate what God has done in your life. Today, instead of a heart that is lost, I have a heart for the lost. That's why I have written Portals of Love.
Voices from the Past
Pages 73 Pages 
ISBN: #978-0-9661853-7-9
This is the story of the last tire building plant that was once part of the United States Rubber Company. Ever since its tire plant closed (Friday, June 26, 1992) there have been whispers suggesting that this city, built on sawdust and then sustained on a diet of lampblack, should have a tire museum. Through this special tour of Eau Claire's supposed Tire Museum, you will see why tires once defined our community. Listen and hear for yourself, these Voices from the Past.
Letters from Home
Pages 226 Pages 
Tears of Love Ministry

Like letters from heaven ,chaplain john's message relates God's love in a way that only the incarcerated fully appreciate and former inmates comprehend. as he often states, "failure is never final if allow God to be in control.
Moments of Change
Pages 146 Pages
ISBN: #978-1513603698
Like seeds of faith, so often are the moments of change that touch us. Prior to writing this book, Dennis wrote: "We are all born with unique gifs, discovering when and what makes us special is our mission. Sharing God's grace unto us, by transforming his gifts into blessings is our purpose." This book will touch your heart. Written like an autobiographic sketch, Moments of Change portrays the motives behind my work and my labor of love.