This collection consists of four DVDs, one for each part of the book Portals of Love, which bears its title.The names are:

Window to Heaven - Part I

Portal of Love - Part II

A Time to Die - Part III

Born Again - Part IV


Through these multimedia resources, the visions of God's grace as read in Portals of Love, becomes ever more moving and powerful. Like the four sections of a circle, the DVDs can each stand alone as an instructional video for either individuals or small groups. Together the four uplifting arches substantiates how love doesn't divide, but multiplies. When united as in this collection they form a ring that grandly displays God's unconditional and eternal love for us.

Just as I needed help years ago, I pray the Portals of Love DVD collection in conjunction with the book and its participant guide will help those lost in grief to find hope and joy again.