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Portals of Love DVD Collection
4 DVDs
ISBN: 978-0-9661853-6-2
Through these multimedia resources, the visions of God's grace as read in Portals of Love, becomes ever more moving and powerful. Like the four sections of a circle, the DVDs can each stand alone as an instructional video for either individuals or small group
Upon a Time
Length 47 Minutes 
ISBN: 978-0-9661853-3-1
As a testimonial to the oldest love story ever fortold, Upon A Time is a powerful confession of faith in the eternal life that is ours in Christ.
Voices from the Past
Length 93 Minutes 
ISBN: 978-1495138287
This is the story of the last tire building plant that was once part of the United States Rubber Company. Ever since its tire plant closed (Friday, June 26, 1992) there have been whispers suggesting that this city, built on sawdust and then sustained on a diet of lampblack, should have a tire museum. Through this special tour of Eau Claire's supposed Tire Museum, you will see why tires once defined our community. Listen and hear for yourself, these Voices from the Past.