Six months before she died...

sixteen-year-old Kimberly Miller gave her father the book Butterfly Kisses, written by singer and songwriter Bob Carlisle. It contains pictures and tender thoughts shared between fathers and daughters. At the time, Dennis just skimmed through it. There'd be plenty of time to read it, he thought. Tragically, six months later, that special girl in his life was killed in a car accident.

Devastated, the bereaved father went to The Healing Place, a grief support center. There he begged for answers so he might survive. All whose hearts have been shattered by death and lose have a story to tell, he was told, and they start at the beginning. In time and after a lot of tears, Dennis told his story. He wrote Tears of Love, a courageous book about his reflections on grief and love's most enduring promise.

Two months after publishing Tears of Love, Dennis found the Tears of Love ministry.

Helping Others Experience the Compassion of Christ...

   Today the ministry, like a child, has grown. Besides Tears of Love, Dennis had written three additional inspirational books. He's also written and produced the films Upon a Time, When Dreams Come True, and four DVDs that make the Portals of Love Collection. Upon request, he shows the presentation of Upon A Time to bereaved support groups, churches, and any other association.
   With a gracious and humbled heart the Tears of Love Ministry presents its Portals of Love Grief Care Package. Through this grief care program, designed to be lay led, both individuals and small groups may observe grief in a way they can identify with. Besides offering insight, our hope is that as we needed help, the book Portals of Love, along with the four accompanying DVDs and participant guides will help others lost in grief to find joy and hope again.
   For a list of multi-media available, see Books and DVDs. For more insight about our mission, please read what others have said! ~ Testimonials ~